Did somebody say ... Customizable, Editable Planners???

The new Super Teacher Organization Planner that I absolutely promised you was coming soon has now officially been posted!!  The theme is Quatrefoil (I LOVE this design) and you can choose from these colors: turquoise, gray, or mix it up (these colors complement each other so well)!  

I have been hard at work on this latest creation... designing... printing pages to make sure that the formatting is exactly what I want... editing... and printing some more.   I am so excited to share this product with you.  I can't wait to share more designs with you (coming soon) and I will be make all of the new formatting changes on last year's planner... so if you already purchased that binder, please check back soon!!!  I will update you as soon as those changes are made.  

Here are some pictures to share for now (until I can get all of the pages completely printed and organized in a binder).

I tried to share as much as I can... but trust me when I say that there is much more than what is included.  Also, if you have checked out and printed my Lesson Planning Template Freebie and Guided Reading Planning Template Freebie, you may notice that these same pages were included in the binder to help keep you organized.  However, I made the font match the font used in the planner and I also made sure that these were editable files (something my freebie does not include).

Right now, I have a special deal on the quatrefoil themed Super Teacher Organization Planner.  My planners are normally $11.50 since it is a 1-time buy (while in my store), but as a new product in my store it is on sale now for $7.00 (that's 65% off the original price).    However this is for a limited time only!!  I do hope that you check it out and like what you see.  I would love to hear what you think!


A Giveaway and Then Some!

Happy Monday!  Lots going on over here...

In the words of my boyfriend, I have "adult ADD."  You know... that syndrome where you start 20 projects within days of each other but yet never seem to quite get one finished to completion until a later date.  Yes, that is exactly what I'm experiencing at the moment!!  In my quest to be super teacher, super product creator, super girlfriend, super balanced life style girl, etc. I seem to be falling short of the finish line!  However, I'm getting there!!  Slowly, but surely.

I have some exciting new things on the way!!!  I can't wait to share them with you!  I instagrammed recently about updating my Early Finisher and Center Labels pack!  I'm almost there (I would have liked to have finished that this weekend, but I got started with working on a couple of other projects so I haven't quite finished the updates yet)!  I P.R.O.M.I.S.E. to have that updated soon!!!  If you happen to take a peek, and like what you see already, make sure to purchase it because the price will be going up slightly with the addition of the changes.  And honestly... I think you will like the changes... a lot...  The updates will include adding to the organization of center rotations.  PLUS there will be additional labels added in the product.  

I am also working on new plan book creations.  Within the next month or so, I will be updating all of my older plan books to include what my new plan book has (New formatting, better templates, etc.).  I think you will love this too!  And truthfully, I can not wait to share these with you!!!!  I'm aiming to share my new planner this week!!  *Fingers Crossed*!!!  So.keep.checking.back.!  Here's a little teaser of the new style...  (When I say little, I mean little)!!  :)  The best part of this planner is that it is editable! :)  I will be posting more soon!!!!

Once again keep checking back for the updates!!!  This planner will be finished soon.  The older planners will be updated entirely and if you have purchased the older versions, you will get free updates for as long as that planner is in stock. 

Okay - now for some final, excellent, fun news... Sara of Miss V's Busy Bees is having a little birthday celebration giveaway until May 3rd (this Saturday).  There are many teacher authors participating in her giveaway (including myself).  Many sellers are giving away a $10 credit to their store.  Product goodies are being given away as well.  Make sure to head on over to her blog to enter for all of the amazing week long giveaways!!


Spring Break and Current Happenings!

It's amazing what a few days off can do for your brain and body.  This week is my spring break, and I have to say that this week has been fantastic!!!!  Not only because I've been focusing on the little things in life, but also because I've been able to work on some of the 10,000 products that I have worked on again and off again for my classroom.  Even if I can find a way to use my products, it doesn't always mean it is completely ready to make an appearance in my shop!  So can I get a cheers to late and productive nights of staying up until 2 AM to work on and finish products so that they are "appearance ready"!  :) 

Here are 2 products I have uploaded just this week:

If you take a peek and are interested in purchasing the Magic E Bundle, please keep in mind that Building CVCE Words is included with this purchase.  The Magic E Bundle will be on sale for a 24-hour limited time only!!!  If you think that the Building CVCE Words Mats are more suited towards your needs those can be purchased separately.

Thanks for checking out some of the new products in more store!