Seasonal and Holiday Word Cards and Centers (& an Apple Word Card Freebie}

Lots of changes happening at Miss Teacher Resources 101!!

I am updating and adding onto the Seasonal & Holiday Word Wall Words Packet.  I've even created Read and Write the Room center activity recording sheets to go along with each seasonal theme!

My first packet is a fall themed word card packet from September - November.  Included are:
*Fire Safety 
*Christopher Columbus 

You can find this packet here or by clicking on any of the below pictures!

                    Fall Words

                    word wall cards (fall)

                    fall theme

My next packet that will be coming out is the Winter Edition!!  I will be selling it separate, but will also be part of the growing bundle that you can find here or by clicking the picture below.  I can't wait to put this packet out because it will be including SO MANY THEMES!!  This packet is coming soon!!  Included from December to March are words for:

*New Years 
*MLK, Jr. 
*Chinese New Year 
*Groundhog Day 
*Valentine’s Day 
*President’s Day 
*Dental Health 
*St. Patrick’s Day

all the seasons!!

But for now, I am going to leave you with a little apple words freebie just in time for the fall!  I hope you love it!  I would love to know what you think by leaving your feedback after your download!  To download this packet click here or by clicking on any the pictures below!

apple day
Apple Center


Handwriting and Letter Practice Pack PLUS Beginning Sounds Phonics Printables

I am getting excited to start another year of teaching Kindergarten.  September 9th is my first official day back at school with students!  To celebrate the start of a new year I added a new Handwriting/Letter Formation Pack to my store and created a BUNDLE pack that includes the Handwriting/Letter Formation Pack with my best selling Phonics Printables (Beginning Sounds Pack).  If you don't already have the Beginning Sounds pack, I highly recommend that you get the BUNDLE for a steal of a price!  Everything shown is included in the bundle.

The best part of these packs is that they are completely differentiated and include different options...  You can use the handwriting/letter formation and beginning sounds printables for homework practice, center practice, or morning work.  Or just snag the BUNDLE of both packs for 50% off the entire cost (in honor of the back to school sale).  

Click on any of the pictures or clickable text to see the actual packs.

Keep reading to get more of a sneak peak of what is in these packs!


Letter Formation

letter formation



phonics beginning sounds

I hope those of you that have started your beginning of the year, are off to a great start!  Those that are yet to start, I hope that you are taking advantage of the fabulous back to school deals.  Happy teaching!


Classroom Labels {Neon Brights}

Being a primary school teacher comes with a lot of perks...

You get to see and experience the innocence of young children.. You get to do fun and cute activities with them .. You even get to use tons of adorable clipart (My favorite)!!!  YOU are part of the reason that children are shaped into the young beings that they are.  

Something that I have increasingly grown to believe is super important, is labeling different things that are in your room.  By doing so, YOU are helping the children in your class become familiar with print and associating items with labels!!!  

Enter these beautiful Neon Classroom labels!!  

The best part of these classroom labels are that in one pack you get over 65 cards AND 6 choices of printing options.  Choose between multi-color neon (as shown) OR any of only one of those color choices (pink, yellow, blue, green, orange)

Don't be alarmed by the fact that this packet is 94 pages long!  Just choose a color scheme and only 15 pages of printing are needed.  If you want to include this on a word wall, that can be done too!  Just print a second set!  If you need something special, let me know and I will try my best to add it in for you! 


Okay - One thing is clear here - I enjoy neon brights and I enjoy labeling things!  I already started prepping these for my post Labor Day back to school start!!  

Obviously, I'm using the multi-color labels! 


Engagement Photos and Wedding Bliss ... Oh My!!!!

Wow!!  What a busy busy busy week it has been!!!!   

First of all - Rich and I took our engagement photos this past Wednesday, July 29th.  We had SO much fun taking our picture and I am PRAYING that they come out breathtaking and beautiful!!  Here is a little behind the scenes footage for you... (sorry friends, but that's all you are getting for now!!!)

Then on Thursday I had my brother's rehearsal dinner and Friday was his wedding!!!  SO MUCH excitement has been going on in life this week!!!!  I can't even begin to tell you!  Everything in life seems to have sped up and slowed down all at once (if that even makes sense)!  My entire week has been focused around preparations for all of the beautiful things taking place in life.  Here are a few pictures of the lovely bride and groom and a few pictures from there beautiful wedding day.  (I love my little brother sooo very much and I am so excited to have a new sister)!!

My Parents, Rich and I with the bride and groom

This is one of my favorites of them!!!!  The most perfect silhouette!!! 

:) (Me and Rich - The future Mr. and Mrs. Hoffman)

The Bridal Party (Minus the Matron of Honor)

Oh I loved my hair and makeup!!!!

I hope you enjoyed some snapshots from my beautiful week full of love and joy!!!


Teachers on Periscope!!

Hi friends!

This is me on periscope!!  @MissTeacher101

Come find me and let's chat and hang!!! 

I definitely am enjoying Periscope and it's definitely the major buzz in the teacher community!!  It's so fun to see people in real time talking about their passion and love for teaching.  Teachers on Periscope are sharing tons of tips and tricks!!!  

Just from going on Periscope, I am finding so many amazing teachers to follow and be inspired by!!!  Loving it!!!

I personally am enjoying creating scopes (this is what the live video feeds are called)!  I've put up a couple in the last couple of days just about myself and trying to get to know some others.  I will be posting more in the near future on different areas of focus such as classroom set up (coming to you in August)!, classroom management, centers in my classroom, differentiation, etc.!  I hope to see you on my feed sometime soon!!  I am always looking to inspire and be inspired!!  

Hop over to the fabulous Sheila Jane Teaching blog to check link up with other #PeriscopeTeachers!!  


July Currently, Goals, and Twitter - Oh my!

Hi All!  Summer is in full Swing!!  The weather is hot, but amazing here in New York!  I truly hope that everyone reading this is enjoying a well-deserved summer!!  

Thought I would link up for Farley's July Currently!

I live in a cute little village where people can actually walk to get to places.  My apartment is pretty close to the street so I am enjoying the sounds of people enjoying some beautiful weather!

I am absolutely loving summer!  There is so much time to do everything!!  Summer is allowing me to be better at sticking to goals.  For example, working out goals, wedding planning goals, blogging goals, TpT goals, relaxing goals - lots of goals and well.. it's getting there!

I currently have an episode of Drop Dead Divas on pause that I can not wait to watch!  Has anyone else watched this show and enjoyed it??

I want to stick to all of the goals I mentioned above (and then some).

I need to keep my motivation going and keep in mind where I want to go.

All Star:
I can take this in so many directions but I'll keep it related to my profession.
Like so many of you - Every year that I take on a class I put 200% into everything that I do.  My class becomes like a little family.  People that I love to educate and watch grow so much.  I am a Special Education teacher.  And honestly, not everyone that teaches can be a Special Education Teacher.  I truly think it takes people with big hearts and that are accepting to make all the difference.

In case you all didn't know - I am on twitter too!  I would love to connect with you - find me here: Twitter Link