Keep Going ... And Don't Look Back!

If you have been reading my (sporadic) blog posts, or even follow my Instagram account, then you know how much I love quotes.  I thought that this quote was a great way to start this blog entry.  Mostly because I'm going through some changes and let me just put it this way... a lot of stumbling goes on in my life.  First of all, for the sake of literal terms, I am a true klutz and I'm always hurting myself.  Second of all, I always set goals for myself and sometimes life. just. happens, if you know what I mean.

After gaining 8 pounds in a year, (I cringe just thinking about it!!!), one of my goals this year was to start working out again.  It can be so scary exhilarating, when you used to be a Queen at it but just got lazy/busy/comfortable/ OR insert whatever excuse here!  So I here I go!  Day 2 on my fitness journey and on tracking the food that I ingest.  Wish me luck!  

Okay so besides that, I am vowing to become a better blogger.  That's right, you heard it first!!!!  I have so many things to fill you in on sooo I'm going to start with Valentine's Day! 

I know it passed already but I have to share something so cute with you all.  I was looking for the most perfect Valentines for my little kinders but every card I found, didn't seem good enough (too friendly, too inappropriate seeming to give from teacher to student, etc.). Well Erica Bohrer ended up instagramming about these AWESOME cards from What The Teacher Wants. 

There were sooooo many different choices that I ended up going with these 3 cards:

I bought valentines day pencils and erasers and those cute heart bags that you see in the picture from dollar tree and voila`... each student got a token of my love! Adorable right??  Make sure that you put this super cute freebie on your wish list for next year! Here is the link:

What's New in My Store:
I just recently uploaded a word family sorting pack with recording sheets in my TpT store.  This pack has 19 word family sorting mats with 4 picture cards per word family!  I spent some of last night printing, cutting, and laminating for a new center that I know my kinders will love to start after our winder break.  So excited to share this with them!  I know they will love it.  They constantly tell me that center time is their favorite time of the school day.  


Here is the link for this center:

I will be posting again soon with more exciting Miss Teacher Resources 101 happenings!

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