Spring Break and Current Happenings!

It's amazing what a few days off can do for your brain and body.  This week is my spring break, and I have to say that this week has been fantastic!!!!  Not only because I've been focusing on the little things in life, but also because I've been able to work on some of the 10,000 products that I have worked on again and off again for my classroom.  Even if I can find a way to use my products, it doesn't always mean it is completely ready to make an appearance in my shop!  So can I get a cheers to late and productive nights of staying up until 2 AM to work on and finish products so that they are "appearance ready"!  :) 

Here are 2 products I have uploaded just this week:

If you take a peek and are interested in purchasing the Magic E Bundle, please keep in mind that Building CVCE Words is included with this purchase.  The Magic E Bundle will be on sale for a 24-hour limited time only!!!  If you think that the Building CVCE Words Mats are more suited towards your needs those can be purchased separately.

Thanks for checking out some of the new products in more store!

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