Hot Cocoa Math Fun!

At my school, we periodically have to change bulletin boards to reflect current and updated student work.  Work must be standards related, differentiated, and graded with a standards based rubric that includes glow and grow comments --- Sounds like a lot right??  Naturally, every time bulletin boards are due, my mind goes a little haywire!  What can I do that's different?! ... What reflects my students and the work we are doing currently?! ... What can I do that will show a little creativity or originality?!  Are you puzzled like me??  It's always a huge, what can I showcase on this this outdoor board anxiousness kind of moment?  Can you maybe kind of relate??  

Well this month, I decided to do something a little different.. something fun... bright... hands on... and math related!  (my previous 2 outdoor boards from this school year were ELA related!).  All that is really needed are the materials from this packet... some pretty border for your bulletin board... and marshmallows!!!

So here's what I came up with ... hot cocoa addition!!  Such a cute concept once I started really pulling my ideas together!!  Click on any of the pictures or the link at the bottom to bring you to the actual packet.

Even the students enjoyed this because it demonstrates addition that really made sense to them and it allowed them to do fun things like color and use marshmallows as manipulatives... and hey... isn't that what being a kindergarten student is all about??

I will be honest that I did do this project in 1 day, however it could really be broken up into a 2 day (or 2 part) project.  Coloring for part 1 and then math work for part 2 would be my recommendation... and truthfully, that is the only thing I would do differently next time!  I go into more tips and tricks in my actual packet!  Everything that is on my board is included in this packet!  Plus additional images and bulletin board letters (I didn't have letters created when I put up this bulletin board)!  I just thought that it would be a nice addition to the packet for all of you!  Next year, I just may use those bulletin board letters in this packet as well. :)

You can find that packet here!

Hope you enjoy!

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