A Very Merry Holiday Present

Long time no post!!  I can't believe that my last post was in October.  Truthfully, this disappoints me.  One of the goals that I set for myself when starting my blog was to blog on a regular basis... meaning at least once a week.  I have to admit though that this school year has been flying by and no matter how hard I am working on my classroom responsibilities I just can't. seem. to. catch. up.  Which puts my blog on a different level of priorities.  And oh boy, do I hate to even mutter those words, but that is the sad, honest, unfortunate truth. :(

Anyways, now that I got my sorrows off of my chest, let's move onto some happy news!

I recently created a holiday packet, just for all of my store fans!!  I am so thankful for all of the faith, love, and support that each of you have shown me since I began my journey in April so this packet is my holiday gift to you!!  It is very similar to my "Autumn Themed Math Center" pack, EXCEPT that this one is geared towards Christmas and it is ... wait for it ... FREE!!!!

The way this game works is that each player gets a playing mat.  Each student then picks a number from their set of number cards (either 1 - 10 or 1 - 20; this depends on the skill level of your students/class) and places it on their playing mat.  Each player then counts that number of presents and puts them under the tree.  They then compare who has more or less or if they have the same amount of presents.  A recording sheet has been provided as well.

Standards K.CC.C.4 and KCC.C.6 are met through this packet.

I hope that your students love this game!  Don't forget to leave your feedback  on the product comments!!  Product link is at the bottom of this post. :)

A Very Merry Holiday Present

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