Full Speed Ahead! Plan Books, Organization, Galore!

Wow!!  It feels good to be back on my journey with my blog!!  Part of my reason for being MIA is that this entire 2015 year has been a complete WHIRLWIND and there is honestly no end in sight.  I've experienced some good and bad events in 2015.  But I think it's safe to say that many of them have been good.  I have so many upcoming and exciting events for the near future.  For one, my brother is getting married this July 31st.  There are so many things to yet prepare for his wedding.  It's such an exciting time for my family!!  

Now that summer is in full swing, (my last day of work was June 26th), I am finally beginning to go full speed ahead with planning my own wedding (I can't even believe I am saying that BTW)!.  Rich proposed in February of this year and we are all booked and set for our wedding next June 17th (I'm sure you will be getting some updates along the way).

This is an old photo - but I love it!  Here's me and my fiancé, Rich!

Well friends, I am getting excited to start posting a couple of new resources in the next week or so!  I have a nice long, hefty to do list this summer!  While one part of my to do list means creating, creating, creating .. the other part means getting more organized, organized, organized.  I brought home tons of papers for filing from work - It is truly my goal to become a master at being organized with all of my binders.  This topic will be covered further in a future blog post about getting organized ... but for now, I will leave you with this quote:

Another thing on my to do list is updating those plan books in my store.  If you happen to have a planner from me, and you are anxiously awaiting updates, don't fret that will be here soon!!  Just in case you haven't seen my planners, here's a glimpse.

Black and White Paisley Planner

A few more planners will be debuted this summer as well. 

I can't wait to show you some more beautiful planners!

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