Autumn Math Centers!! Ohhh Yes! :)

Wowzers, there is always so much to do and such little time!!  

This past weekend I have finally gotten around to finalizing an autumn themed product.  I know that I'm a little late in getting this posted, but this product can be used well into November.  Adorable pumpkin and turkey clip art were used to create these adorable centers.  I have used this within my own classroom with my little kinders and they absolutely love it!!  Here is a peek at all of the autumn themed math centers that you will get with this product pack.  The CCSS focus is specifically on the Counting and Cardinality domain for Kindergarten.  Every center activity includes additional options and differentiation.  Oh, and P.S. - Did I mention that it is on sale for 22% off until Wednesday, October 30th?

Students practice sequencing numbers in a center with the color version. Or students can use the black and white version where they adhere all the feathers onto the turkey and write the numbers in sequence order independently.

Laminate these turkey pieces and students can use a wet erase marker to write the missing number.

Each player gets their own set of pumpkin cards. Each player picks a card at random and shows that numbers with cubes. Then the players compares who has the greater and fewer number of cubes or if the number of cubes are the same.

You can find this packet here: Autumn Themed Math Centers

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