Teacher Planning Freebies... Say What??

Happy Sunday Morning to you all!  :)

After a very lazy-licious weekend full of lounging and relaxing, I finally got my you know what into gear and I just uploaded Lesson Planning Templates to my TpT store.  For those of you that have to write out actual lesson plans, this freebie may be very helpful/useful for you.  Since I am tenured, my school does not require me to write full lesson plans (only keep a plan book).  However, I do find myself using these planning sheets as a way to help me organize my thoughts and my plan of attack for some of my lessons.

While you are checking out the lesson planning templates, I hope that you will also check out the Guided Reading and Read Aloud Planning Sheets.  I have found these sheets to be very helpful for recording my guided reading game plan.  They have been wonderful for helping me organize and monitor my students by reading level. 

Both of these packs are FREE on my TpT store.  Make sure to check them out!  Hoping that you find them as helpful as I do!!

Here are the links for each of the above packs:

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