July Currently, Goals, and Twitter - Oh my!

Hi All!  Summer is in full Swing!!  The weather is hot, but amazing here in New York!  I truly hope that everyone reading this is enjoying a well-deserved summer!!  

Thought I would link up for Farley's July Currently!

I live in a cute little village where people can actually walk to get to places.  My apartment is pretty close to the street so I am enjoying the sounds of people enjoying some beautiful weather!

I am absolutely loving summer!  There is so much time to do everything!!  Summer is allowing me to be better at sticking to goals.  For example, working out goals, wedding planning goals, blogging goals, TpT goals, relaxing goals - lots of goals and well.. it's getting there!

I currently have an episode of Drop Dead Divas on pause that I can not wait to watch!  Has anyone else watched this show and enjoyed it??

I want to stick to all of the goals I mentioned above (and then some).

I need to keep my motivation going and keep in mind where I want to go.

All Star:
I can take this in so many directions but I'll keep it related to my profession.
Like so many of you - Every year that I take on a class I put 200% into everything that I do.  My class becomes like a little family.  People that I love to educate and watch grow so much.  I am a Special Education teacher.  And honestly, not everyone that teaches can be a Special Education Teacher.  I truly think it takes people with big hearts and that are accepting to make all the difference.

In case you all didn't know - I am on twitter too!  I would love to connect with you - find me here: Twitter Link


  1. The beach is my favorite place too!

  2. Sounds like you are a very goal oriented individual:) I can relate to this post and heartens me to know that other teachers are busily multitasking nonstop like me! I create my own busyness, but I would not have it any other way and it seems like you do the same!
    Good luck with the wedding planning!

    1. Michelle - Thank you for leaving such a thoughtful comment!! It made my day to read this!! :)