Behavior Management Ideas & a Freebie

Behavior Management in the classroom can be tricky, but when you have the right tools it is easy peasy and within arm's reach.  

One of my all time favorite behavior management methods is using a Behavior Clip Chart (A.K.A. - Behavior Ladder).  There are many reasons why this is my favorite method for obtaining and reinforcing behavior that is desired.  For one, you can be conducting a whole class lesson and notice that one person is doing the wrong thing and compliment someone with excellent behavior as a way of reinforcing positive behavior as opposed to paying attention to the negative behavior.  Most times, this can encourage the students with not so fantastic behavior to do the right thing.  Now, sometimes this doesn't work - every once in a while you may get a student that doesn't care or know how to earn moving up the ladder.  For these particular students, you need to find small things to compliment them on.  As students with behavior problems begin to get acknowledged for their positives, they usually become more inclined to craving it and working harder for it.  I'm telling you, you have to try it!  It works like a charm.

The Way I Use My Behavior Ladder

Using clothespins with student names or numbers works wonderfully.  Every time a student is caught doing the right thing, they can move their name up the ladder.  Students can also move down the ladder for poor behavior.  If a student makes it to the top (Super Student or Model Citizen - Depending on which chart you download and prefer), they can then get a prize from the treasure chest.  I have found that this helps level the playing field for all of my students.  Students that are good in class can be acknowledged for doing the right thing consistently, while the system also focuses on students that need the extra encouragement or firmness of the ladder.  This ladder is really effective in allowing students to reconsider their actions or to continue, being the positive model citizens that they are.

A Freebie for You

In my store is a forever freebie that you can download.

I also just created a Tonal Stripes Superhero themed Clip Chart because I'm seriously thinking of changing the theme of my room from polka dots to tonal stripes.  I just love the way the bright stripes look.  So here is another clip chart freebie for you (tonal stripes and superheroes).  However, it is only free for the first 100 downloads.  So snag it quick!!

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